About LOGO Design

If we look around we can find 10 or more logos around us at any given time, be it your bedroom, bathroom, classroom or conference room. These logos are deep embedded in our minds. St time brands don’t even have to mention their names only the visual is enough for example the McDonalds golden arches are so familiar that they no longer need the text “McDonalds” for you to recognise that that symbol represents McDonalds.

So lets take good look on what a logo is? Why does a brand needs one? what goes in logo designing?

Having a professional looking, well designed logo builds trust. The primary role of a logo is to identify and give a permanent identity and recall value. Identification is what really matters and best logo design company in Hamirpur, Punjab.

Following are some pointers that should be kept in mind:

Simple colours – SP Webcreator team think about the different situations it will be used in
Business cards, letterheads, pull up banners, vehicles, shop signage, product packaging, newspaper adverts just to name a few are all those places where your logo will appear. Logos that have gradient colours, lots of fine detail, a lot of different colours or photographic content are much more likely to look quite different in these different situations as many of them use completely different printing technology and it makes it difficult to match the colours exactly. This is why the most powerful brands in the world usually stick to a simple palette of less than 3 main colours. They also use solid colours rather than gradients.

Have something memorable

While it might take you a few decades to become the next Coca Cola or McDonalds, having something memorable about your logo is a good idea. Some businesses do this by using interesting text or modifying part of the text in the logo to not just be a standard font. Other businesses do this by adding some sort of illustrated icon alongside the text part of the logo. One useful aspect of having an icon is that you can use the icon on it’s own in some situations as well. For example, the Nike tick can appear with the Nike text or without. While originally the Nike tick would have meant nothing if it didn’t appear alongside the Nike text, over time that visual memory association has developed.

How do I get a logo?

The best way to get a logo is to have it professionally designed and SP Webcreator team do it. Make sure you view examples of their previous work and you like what SP Webcreator done previously. Visit us on SP Webcreator or call +91-94186 38344, 94186 85316.